Barber Coleman 16-56 Gear Hobber – Timing Gears Included


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Maximum Rated Work Diameter: 14″
Maximum Pitch in Steel: 3.5 DP
Maximum Travel of Hob Slide: 15″
Maximum Distance Work Spindle Face to Tail Center: 27.25″
Maximum Distance Work Spindle Centerline to Hob Spindle: 9.75″
Minimum Distance Work Spindle Centerline to Hob Spindle: 1.75″
Work Spindle Bore (Standard): 4.18″
Index Worm Gear Pitch Diameter: 17.9″
Maximum Number of Teeth Cut: 300/4
Maximum Hob Diameter (Standard): 6.25″
Maximum Swivel Angle (Helix) Setting R/L: 50 Degrees
Maximum Hobshift Travel: 4″
Main Drive Motor: 10 HP
Hydraulic Pump Motor: 3 HP
Lubricating Pump Motor: 1/4 HP
Coolant Pump Motor: 1 HP
Approximate Machine Dimensions: 114″ x 81″
Approximate Machine Height: 90″
Approximate Machine Weight: 13,000 Lbs.

Equipped with:
Timing Gears
Double Thread Index Worm