Cannabis Extract Processing Package – SOP Included! Equipment For Full Spectrum Oil, Edibles, Butter, Soaps, Etc. 2 Extractors


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Machine Type: Lab Equipment
Make: ExtractionTek
Model: 1300
Year: 2018
Machine Location: Oklahoma
Stock #: 255887

-ExtractionTek Stainless 1300 Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extractor, 2018 – Diamond Miner Option
Digital Control
Capacity: 5L, 2LBS Material
Footprint: 2’x2′
Closed Loop Operation
Rated 20 Minute Run Time With Propane
Rated 40 Minute Run Time With n-Butane

-Magical Butter MB2e 1 LB Countertop Extractor – Butter
2-5 Cup Capacity, 110V

-CPS TRS21 Refrigerant Recovery System & Hoses
1HP 115V 60HZ, 300PSIG Low Side, 550PSIG High Side

-Zeny VP 145 Vacuum Pump & Hoses
1/3HP, 5CFM, 110V

-Recovery Tank
-Filling Tank
-100 Gallon Butane Tank
-2 30 Gallon Tanks
-Thermostatic Heat Bath
-Rack & Pans For Cooking/Drying/Refrigeration
-Bump Box Cone Filler
-Automatic Trimming & Drying Table
-Countertop Vacuum Packager
-21 Owl Sucker Molds
-16 Small Gummy Molds
-Foil Packaging
-2 Butter Molds
-12 Leaf Molds
-20 Round Sucker Molds
-10 Rope Candy Molds
-100+ Tincture Bottles
-DabPress Heated Press Plate 3″x7″
-SOP & Independent Engineering Review.
All the Instructions for Running this Particular Setup to get Consistent Results.

**Would Only Need a Fridge and Something for Decarboxylation of Flower (Oven). More pictures Available Upon Request.**

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.