CapsulCN Liquid Packaging Line, 2021


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Machine Type: Filling Machines
Make: CapsulCN
Model: PBL-160
Year: 2021
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 594189

Fully-automatic Capping Machine:
-Model PBX-160
-Max. capacity: Max. 100 Bottles/Min
-Size of cap: Dia. 15-60MM
-Size of bottle: 15-250ML
-Voltage: AC220V , Single Phase, 50Hz
-Power: 1500 W
-Overall dimension: 102.36″ (L) 43.30″ (W) 78.74 (H)
-Weight: 1,102 lbs (with conveyor)

Continuous Induction Sealer:
-Model LGYF-2000BX
-Voltage 220V 50/60HZ
-Power 1.5KW
-Capacity 0-12m/min
-Sealing Diameter 20-130 mm
-Suitable Height of bottles 40-400 mm
-Machine weight: 158 lbs
-Machine size: 61.02″ (L) 21.65″ (W) 53.14″(H)

Automatic 8 Head Linear Eye Drop Small Essential Oil Glass Double Head Liquid Plastic Bottle Filling Capping Machine
-Model: SGGS-8
-Driven Type: Electric
-Weight: 2,314 lbs
-Dimension: 118.11″(L) 76.77″(W) 90.55″(H)
-Material: Stainless Steel 304
-Productivity: 60-70 Bottles/min
-Filling accuracy: ± 2 %
-Air volume: 10-18m3/h
-Air pressure: 0.5-0.8mpa
-Power supply: 220V 50Hz
-Total power: 3Kw

Automatic Pet Plastic Glass Bottle Sleeve Labeling Machine Counting Line
-Model: AGP-100M
-Bottle Diameter: 30mm~100mm
-Label size: 30mm~180mm
-Label Thickness: 0.035mm~0.13mm
-Output: 100 bottle/min
-Label reel: Inner diameter 76mm
-Power: 3KW
-Machine size: 33.07″(L) 29.92″(W) 19.68″(H)
-Voltage: 380V/220V 50Hz

Model: PakCN-Shk 2000
-Voltage: AC3/220V/60Hz
-Power: 250W
-Year: 10/21
-Serial #: 94032

Model: PakCN-Boi 24
-Voltage: AC3/220V/60Hz
-Power: 24kW
-Year: 10/21
-Serial #: 94032

Model: PakCN-Dry 1100
-Voltage: AC3/220V/60Hz
-Power: 7.5kW
-Year: 10/21
-Serial #: 94032

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