Chemcut XLI-30 Resist Strip/Alkaline Etch Wet Processing System, 2022


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3mil lines(76μ) and spaces with 1oz. copper
2 mil lines(51μ) and spaces with .5oz. copper
Temperature: 130° F (54° C)
Acid normality – 1N
Specific Gravity: 32 to 36 Be’ (1.28 to1.330)
Spray Pressure: 30 – 40 psi (2.0 to 2.7 bar)
Expected etch rate: approx. 1mils/min(25 μ /min)
Station 1 – Load (18 in. 457mm) o VentConnection

Station 2 – Etch (57 in. 1448mm)
o 38in.965mmEffective
o SpecificGravityControlAutoBaume (set point ±0.5 Be to ± 0.006)
o ChemicalDosing
o ORPmonitor
o Pumpout
o 1.5gpm(5.68lit./min)conenozzles o Upper/LowerPressureGauges

Station 3 – Isolation (12 in. 305mm) o Dragoutcontrol(Rollers) o FreshAirinlet

Station 4 –Rinse (43.3 in. 1100mm) o Three Stage Cascade
o Flowmetertosump/fresh

Station 5 – Unload (18 in. 457mm)
System Total Length: 148.3in., 3767mm

o Ultra-Thin conveyor Standard
o 75 ft. (22.8m) Wiring Harness
o Adjustable Conveyor Speed Range: 14 -140 ipm
o Product Thickness – 0.004(0.1mm)- 0.250(6.35mm) o Maximum Operating Temperature: 130°F, 54.4°C