Citizen A20VIIPL Lathe, 2014 – Bar Feeder, Dust Collector


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Maximum machining diameter: 0.787″
Maximum machining length: 7.874″
Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle: 0.393″
Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle (tap,die): M8
Main spindle speed: 8,000 rpm
Maximum drilling diameter for rotary tool: 0.275″
Maximum tapping diameter for rotary tool: M6
Spindle speed of gang rotary tool max: 6,000 rpm (rating: 4,500 rpm)
Maximum chuck diameter of back spindle: 0.787″
Maximum workpiece length for front side ejection: 3.9″
Maximum drilling diameter in back machining process: 0.314″
Maximum tapping diameter in back machining process: M6
Back spindle speed: 8,000 rpm
Number of tools to be mounted: 21

Equipped With:
C-320 Bar Feeder
Dust Collector
11KVA transformer