O-Water Purification 106 H Reverse Osmosis System, 2012


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Machine Type: Process Equipment
Make: D-Water Purification
Model: Reverse Osmosis System
Year: 2012
Machine Location: Nebraska
Stock #: 480217

-Output: 9.3 gal/min
-Min Input Flow: 15.9 gal/min
-Min Input Pressure: 51 psi
-Max Input Pressure: 73 psi
-Temp Range: 5°C to 25°C
-Peak Rinse Flow: 15.9 gal/min
-Configuration: Spiral Wound
-pH Tolerance: 2-11
-(2) #10 Carbon Tanks
-(2) #8 Carbon Tanks
-(1) #7 Carbon Tank
-(2) Blk Poly Brine Tanks
-WRO-H Osmosis Machine with Heat Disinfection
-Booster Pump
-Expansion Tank
-Pentek BIG BLUE Fileters
-D.I. Monitor
-Dual Tank Bicarb Station with Integral Control Station
-Electrical Requirements: 120/208 V, 3 P, 60 Hz
-Weight: 1290 lbs
-Dimensions: 26.4″ x 83″ x 79.1″

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