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Diversitech WX-5000 Wet Dust Collector – 2019


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Model: WX-5000
Inlet Collar Diameter (in.): 16″
Length: 61″
Height: 117″
Width: 57″
Net Weight (lbs.): 923 lbs
Supply (in.): 1/4″ NPT
Drain (in.): 3/4″ NPT
Shipping Dimensions (in.)
Length: 80″
Height: 106″
Width: 80″
Gross Weight: 1200 lbs

NFPA 484 Compliant

In 2015, NFPA updated the 484 standards requiring an interlocked offline vent fan, to prevent a build-up of hydrogen gas. Optional HEPA filters also now require a high-temperature alert. Diversitech’s CSA/UL certified control panel now supports:
– Offline Vent Fan included
– HEPA Filter high-temperature alert (option)

100% Duty Cycle

The WX Collector’s new ultrasonic water sensor monitors and automatically adds water as needed, even while the machine is in operation.
– Oline adaptive water-level control
– Automatically adds water, offline & online
– Safety overflow drain

– Capture-at-source for Cleaner Air
– Complies with NFPA guidelines for Combustible Dust

– Ultrasonic water level sensor
– NEMA 4x control panel w/LCD display
– Mainline Interlock Switch
– Anti-Corrosion stainless steel #304 construction
– High efficiency, non-sparking blower wheel
– Transparent Lexan doors, with easy access clasps
– Low-cost mist eliminator after filters

Ideal Applications:
– Aluminum
– Magnesium
– Titanium
– Grinding & Deburring
– Sanding & Finishing
– Powder Mixing
– Buffing & Polishing
– Wide Belt Sanding