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ELF 16-Head Automatic Gravity Filler, Refurbished (1)


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-304 stainless steel heavy-duty frame construction with adjustable leveling pads

-316 stainless steel 3/4″ pneumatically actuated fill head assemblies

-Wire reinforced PVC product tubing with stainless steel hose barbs

-35-gallon, 304 stainless steel trough-style product reservoir (16-port product tank with 1.5” inlet) with 316 stainless steel level-sensing dual ball float for safety back-up

-Manually controlled ball valves for throttling product flow at fill heads

-Low head pressure/no fill system controls

-(1) 3/4 ” stainless steel product supply control valves

-Automatic drip tray protects bottles from potential drips

-Automatic pin-style indexing to bring bottles in and out of fill station

-No Bottle/No Fill sensor to ensure proper bottle count prior to filling

-Anti-bottle back-up sensor to pause filling cycle if downstream jam is detected

-Manual crank height adjustment for fill heads

-Supply pump and motor starter not included

-NEMA 12, painted steel enclosure

-Requires clean, dried air at 80-100 psi

-120/240 VAC / 1 phase / 50-60Hz