Fadal VMC 3016 CNC VMC, 1991 – Tooling included


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Machine Type: Vertical Machining Centers
Make: Fadal
Model: 904-1
Year: 1992
Machine Location: Minnesota
Stock #: 298802

Table Size: 39″ X 16″
Floor To Table Surface: 30″
T-Slots (No. x Width x Span): 3 x .562″ x 4.33″
Cutting Feed Rate (X/Y/2): 01″-250″ (375″ @ 150%)
Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z): 700 ipm (X/Y): 600 ipm (2)
Max. Weight on Table: 1,000 lbs
Axis Drive Motor (X/Y/Z): DC: 1,800 lbs Continuous Thrust 3,500 lbs Peak
Ball Screw Size: 40mm Dia. X/Y/Z
Longitudinal (X Axis): 30″
Cross (Y Axis): 16″
Vertical (Z Axis): 20″
Spindle Nose to Table: 4″-24″
Spindle Center to Column Ways: 16″
Main Motor: 15 HP (Peak), 11.2 KW
Torque (Peak): 160 ft-lbs
Accuracy, Axis Positioning: -/+.0002″ (@ 68 degrees F)
Accuracy, Axis Repeatability: -/+.0001″ (@ 68 degrees F)
Spindle Speed: 75-10.000 RPM
Spindle Orientation: Electromechanical
Spindle Taper: 40
ATC, Number of Tools: 21
ATC, Tool Selection: Random/Bi-directional
Max. Tool Diameter: 3″ (w/o Adjacent Tools 4.5″)
Max. Tool Length: 15″
Max. Tool Weight: 15 lbs
Machine Width x Depth: 98″ W x 77″ D
Machine Height: 94″ H
Machine Weight: 8,300 lbs

Equipped With:
Air Pressure: 80 PSI, 15 SCFM (Momentary)
CNC Memory: 38k (277 ft) Standard
Low Range: 75-2,500 RPM
High Range: 2501-10,000 RPM|
Continuous equivalent A-weighted sound pressure at workstation is 77 db(A) or less during normal cutting operations.
Extended Z. Axis
Spindle Nose to Table
High Torque (HT) Main Motor
HT Main Motor Torque
HT Spindle Speed
CNC Memory Expansion
Coolant Thru Spindle

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