Fanuc M-20iA/12L Robot, 2014- 6-Axis Robot Arm, Available Immediately


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Series: M-20
Version: iA
Type: 12L
Max. Load Capacity at Wrist (kg): 12
Reach (mm): 2009
Control Axes: 6
Repeatability (mm): +/-0.03
Mechanical Weight (kg): 250

Motion Range (Degrees)
J1: (340) 370
J2: 260
J3: 460
J4: 400
J5: 360
J6: 900

Maximum Speed (Degrees/Second)
J1: 200
J2: 175
J3: 190
J4: 430
J5: 430
J6: 630

J4 Moment/Inertia: 22/.65
J5 Moment/Inertia: 22/.65
J6 Moment/Inertia: 9.8/.17
Average Power Consumption (kW): 1

Equipped with:
Fanuc M-20iA/12L Robot
R-30iB Controller
Machine Guards
Associated Part Racks
Pendent Control
All available manuals and related accessories