Fellows 36-6 Gear Shaper/ Hobber- 7.5 HP


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Fellows 36-6 Gear Shaper/ Hobber- 7.5 HP

Model/Type: 36-6

Machine Specifications:
Max. Pitch Diameter External: 36″
Max. Pitch Diameter Internal: 36″
Max. Workpiece/ Fixture Diameter: 40″
Max. Face Width: 6″

Stroke Length: 6″
Max. Helix Angle: 45º
Max. Diametral Pitch, Spur: 3
Max. Diametral Pitch, Helical: 4/5

Work Spindle Bore Diameter: 5.875″
Cutter Spindle Tapper: #16 Jarno
12 Stroking Speeds, w/ Ranges: 18-300 spm

Approx Machine Dimensions (l x w x h): 92” x 60” x 90”
Approx Machine Weight: 15,500 LB

7-1/2 HP Main motor, 1800 rpm
Standard straight spur guide
4″ Diameter hollow cutter spindle
Rapid rotation of work spindle
Coolant system & pump

Available for inspection under power.