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Filtec FT-50 Fill Level Inspector


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Machine Type: Other Process
Make: Filtec
Model: FT-50
Year: 1900
Machine Location: California
Stock #: 171445

The FT-50 provides high speed overfill or underfill (not concurrent) fill level container inspection.
The FT-50 Fill Level Inspection systems utilizes a Container Radiation Profile Comparison Principle to create a radiation fingerprint of the container. To create a radiation profile a gamma beam is directed through the container. Some of the radiation is blocked by the container material and container’s contents while the remaining gammas emerge from the opposite side of the container where they are measured by an gamma detector. The amount of radiation measured is the containers radiation profile, or fingerprint, which is then compared against a Master Container Profile.
The FT-50 identifies and then tracks any container that fails inspection. Tracking begins the moment the container crosses the inspection trigger beam in the and ends when the container reaches the rejector centerline.

-Speed: Up to 800 BPM
-Electrical Requirements: 115/230V, 1P, 50/60Hz

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