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Fom Industries Mirage 600 CNC Saw, 2014


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Saw Blade Diameter: 15.74″, 19.68″, or 23.62″
Motor: 10 HP Belted Motor Drive Saw blade
RPM: 2800
Footprint: 95″x62″x72″
Weight: 1880lbs
3 phase
Cutting Accuracy: /- 0.1mm

Equipped With:
Automatic or manual cutting (with stop positioned on feed carriage)

Hydraulic bar feed with cylinder

14″ blade with fixed 90° cutting

Vice cylinders on the worktable: 2 vertical vices and 2 horizontal vices with system of locking (+vice cylinder loader and infeed profile on the left side for alignment of the bar)

Microdrop cutting lubrication using pure oil

2 Integral guard kit

Set up for forced evacuation of chips and fumes collectors