Frame CAD FL650 Roll Former, 2022 – Available June 2022, Never Used


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Profile Width (Web) Range: 10 – 12″
Profile Height (Flange) Range: 1 5/8″ – 3″
Material Thickness: 1.2mm – 2.5mm or 18 – 12 gauge (47 – 97
Roll Forming Stations: 17 forming stations
Punching Stations: 7 Punching stations
Max Line Speed: 4,430ft./hr
Typical Production Speed (actual dependent on framing design): 820-1970ft./hr
Main Drive Power: 30.8 HP
Hydraulic Power: 20HP
Hydraulic Reservoir: 66 gal
Ambient Temperature: 0-40°

Width: 5.08ft
Length: 32.8ft
Height – to top of covers: 6.73ft
Approx Weight: 28,220lbs

Mains Power Supply: 400VAC, 60A
Printer 2 Printer Heads
User Interface and

21.5” Touch Screen enabled with Mobile, Wi-Fi & LAN internet connectivity.
Decoiler Capacity: 11,000lb heavy duty powered Decoiler

Equipped With:

Heavy duty 5MT powered decoiler with pneumatic snubber arm
Frame assembly starter kit
Spare parts kit

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