HAAS TM-2P, VMC 2018 – 1880 Cutting Hours – Rigid Tapping, Wireless Probing System


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X Axis 40”
Y Axis 16”
Z Axis 16”
Length 57.75”
Width 10.5”
Max Rating 7.5 hp
Max Speed 6000 rpm
Type Carousel
Capacity 10
L 130″ x W 78″ x H 99″
5200 LBS

Equipped with:
Visual Programming System
Power-Failure Detection Module
1 GB Memory
15″ Color LCD Monitor and USB port
20 Gallon Flood Coolant System
Rigid Tapping
Wireless Intuitive Probing System
5 Vises
All tooling and manuals available per photos sent from seller on October 13th by seller