Haas VF-2SSYT VMC, 2017 – 15K RPM, 40+1SMTC, WIPS, TSC, 4th Axis Ready, Haas HRT-210


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Travels: 30″ x 20″ x 20″
30HP Vector Drive
40 Taper
15,000 RPM Spindle
Power Failure Detection Module
15″ Color LCD Monitor
USB Port
Memory Lock Keyswitch
Rigid Tapping
55 Gallon Flood Coolant System

15,000 RPM Spindle
Automatic Air Gun
Programmable Coolant Nozzle
High Speed Machining
Wireless Intuitive Probing System WIPS
WiFi Connection
Through-Tool Air Blast
40+1 Side-mount Tool changer
Through-Spindle Coolant, 300 psi
Chip Auger
4th axis Drive and Wire
Mist collector
Sub Plate included in sale
Vices not included in sale
Haas HRT-210 not included