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Hydrology Ionic Mineral Water Skid


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This Unit was the one that started Trader Joe’s 9.5 brand Alkaline Water and later Wholefoods, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target, and 22 other alkaline water brands. Low operating cost, automated logic, fully mobile, zero-waste natural mineral resing process. There are only 3 in existence, as they were custom engineered to meet FDA, GMP, and All Safety Protocols for large retailer demands. This unit can be easily installed inside a bottled water plant or outside of the plant because it is weather resistant.

Zero Wasted Water: This System Uses Natural Alkaline Mineral Resin and has a Zero Waste Factor Compared to an Electrolysis System’s 30% Wastewater Downside.
Capacity: Up to 1,000,000 Gallons of 9 to 9.5 Ph Water Per Resin Cycle (Depending on Speed Demand)
Speed: Up to 150 Gpm (Adjustable Speed Rate 50 to 150 Gpm of Alkaline Water)
Enclosure: Custom Double Side Door 20 Foot High Cube Container with Roof Hatch and Jib For Ease of Changing Resin (Hatch Not Shown)
Structure: All Custom Vessels, Piping, and Fittings are Made From 304 & 316 Electropolished Sanitary Stainless Steel with a Mirror Finish.
Pumps: 4 Programmable 3 & 5 Hp Circulation Pumps 1 Custom Programmed Industrial Computerized Dosing Pump
Smart Logic: Dual 22” Display Screens with Custom Plc System Designed for Data Logging and Online Monitoring. High-Resolution Hd Camera System for Visuals into Tank Levels, Inside the Cabin, and Outside the Perimeter. Logic Toggle for Manual and Semi-Auto Operation.
Cooling: Air-Conditioned Cabin with Sensor Controls for Instrument Control Panel Cooling Yv
Disinfecting: 3 Inline Uv Disinfecting Units for Self-Cleaning
Lighting: Perimeter Manual or Sensor-Triggered Lights
Roof: Custom Roof Hatch Doors with Jib And Electric Crane (Not Shown)
Power: 220 V 3 Phase 200 Amp Service. Enough Power to Run the Process And Reserve Power for Upgrades.
Safety: Electrical Logic Built to Surpass Industrial Safety Codes with Triple Gfi Water Spill Sensor for Emergency Shut-Off. (System was Designed to Protect Personnel and Equipment.)
Process Intel: Equipped with Dual Ph/Orp Inline Sensor, Dual Tds Meters, Dual Temperature Meters, Digital Pressure Meters, and 3 Flow Rate Meters For Solid Data Backup. (System Designed with Redundancies for Accuracy.)
Offsite Control & Monitoring: The System Can be Monitored Remotely from Anywhere in the World. (Option to Shut Off and Turn On Pumps and Instruments from Your Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile Device.)
Batching & Change Over: Custom Industrial Reversible Rinsing Vac to Make Changing Materials Easier.
Note: The System Was Built Custom to be Mobile for Indoor or Outdoor Operation to Mineralize Purified Water Between 8 To 9.5 Ph. This Unit Launched the Trader Joe’s Brand Alkaline Water Among Many Others Like Wholefoods, Sprouts, and a Dozen Other Brands for the Past Five Years. All Inner Vessels were Built Custom to Fit in the Small Footprint: Square Tanks and Interlocking Alkaline Resin Reactor Vessels Form-Fitted to a Customized Reinforced 20-Foot High Cube Shipping Container for Ease of Mobilization.
Hours: About 5,000 Working Hours. It Does Not Have Many Moving Parts Except for Actuator Valves that are Easily Replaced. Unit has Been Sitting for a Year Unoperated, so Renewing Gaskets on the Tri-Clamps and a Good Chemical Cleaning is Recommended.
Dimensions: 20′ X 8.6′ X 9.6′
Weight: 15,000 Lbs.