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JLT 79K-10 Heavy Duty Door Clamp, 48” x 120” Capacity, 2017


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48″ x 120″ Capacity for Solid Wood Entry Doors
(4) vertical and (2) horizontal pneumatic clamps with 2500# of clamping pressure per clamp.
Removable vertical center rail for multiple cabinet door squaring.
Attached vertical center rail can clamp (2) 48″ x 56″ cabinet doors side by side.
Single Lever Valve Operation –
(2) Second Squaring of Stile & Rail and Entry Doors
Space-saving upright design.
60 degree vertical working angle.
Minimum Door Sizes are as Follows:
With Center Bar Out: 8″ x 30″
With Center Bar In: 8″ x 14″ (Two Separate Gluing Areas)
Shipped Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation

Machine Footprint: 145″L x 70″H x 50″W