Miller PerformArc PA-2200SS Robotic Welding Cell System, 2019


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Cell Construction:

Fully fabricated steel tubular frame with sheet metal wall structure
Framework is unitized; the main robot/positioner/controls section can be picked up from the front or back sides for placement and relocation
All cables are run in discrete paths or under deck plates or above entrance/exit points to prevent premature wear from welding spatter or contact with personnel
All lower cableways are covered with deckling to eliminate tripping hazards and protect the cables from the welding environment
One maintenance access door is included for easy robot maintenance
Robot riser with robot pre-assembled, dressed and mounted
Robot controller, welder and heavy power connections including transformers (if needed) are pre-wired and pre-assembled to run to a provided single electrical disconnect box at the rear of the work cell
System paint color of standard black
Fork lift access for easy transport

Robot: Panasonic TM-2000

Payload: 6kg
Inch reach to Point P : 79.2”
Controller: Panasonic G3
Panasonic G3 Teach Pendant (Windows CE 7″ Color GUI)
Automatic Program Backup – Standard
SD/USB ports – Standard
Collision Detection – Standard
Brake releases on arm – Standard
Second and Third Axis over travel switches, limiters, and electrical circuits – Standard
Servo Power On Lamps – Standard
TM can use a thru arm torch or a conventional over the arm torch design

Control: Panasonic G3 Series 64 bit RISC Windows CE Robot Controller

40,000 Point memory, virtually unlimited expansion with SD card
User I/O: 40 Inputs, 40 Outputs with optional expansion to 2,048 points
Single side access, low and high power available from front side
Faster and powerful CPU with half a minute boot-up time (50% faster than former model)
Ethernet LAN connection standard
Teach Pendant with 7-inch-wide TFT color LCD, Windows CE operation system
Three-position live-man switches
Jog-Dial for robot movement
+/- keys for absolute robot movement
Split screen windows, view program language and status window simultaneously
1 built-in SD card slot
LED back-light for rugged operation
Auto recognize TP software mismatch and download function
Lightweight, less than 1kg (2.2lbs)
Increased function keys from 4 to 5
Increased axis selection keys from 3 to 6
Cable connector at TP and Robot Controller
Customizable function keys
Standard Software features:
Choose your own program names
Tool Center Point Calibration Function
Cartesian, Articulated, Tool, Cylindrical, User and Tool Projection Coordinates
PTP, Linear, Circular, Weaving, Linear Weaving and Circular Weaving Interpolation
Parallel, RT Rotation, External Axis, Mirror, tool Pose Shift Functions
Resume Function for Power Interruption
Copy, Divide, Merge, Delete, Add, and Change Editing Function
Local and Global variables, including position variables
Automatic program backup software to supplied SD card
Password protection
Robot calibration function (software and hardware zero pins in robot arm)
Advanced error handling and recovery function
Off-line edit of running programs
Standard Welding Software Features:
Change-on-the-Fly Parameters through Teach Pendant
6 Weaving Patterns, Including Wrist Weave
Independent parameter control (per point basis)
Automatic Arc Re-try
Automatic Arc Overlap
Automatic Wire Stick Release
Automatic Wire Retract
Contact Tip Monitor via Arc-On Time or Running Time
Torch Angle Monitor
Weld Section Shifting
Optimum Kinematic calculation reducing air cut times by 10%

Cell Controls:
Heavy electrical power pre-wired and assembled, including common electrical disconnect
Light curtains in L-shape configuration at the front of the work cell
External axis brake release circuit and enabling box
Standard Panasonic cell controls
Start strip is mounted to the vertical tube to minimize opportunity to be damaged during production

Power Source:Auto Continuum 350 AMP Inverter Welder

350-Amp, 100% Duty-Cycle, Digital Welder
Inverter based Pulse Welding and CV Welding
80-Volt Touch Sensing Technology
Fan-on-Demand for lower power consumption and less shop noise
Auto Line Input = works on any voltage, any frequency
Miller Robotic Wire Feeder
Includes: Mounting bracket, wire drive, drive rolls, and digital interface

Torch: Tregaskiss Air Cooled Torch – Clamping Type

500 Amp Air cooled torch
Accurate and Durable gooseneck maintains a repeatable tool center point
The thick-walled aluminum gooseneck resists bending during collisions.
The sleek design improves accessibility into tight work zones
The hand nut makes maintenance easy -no tools required for neck replacement

Positioners : 2 Stations, 1 Axis Per Station

Panasonic Servo Positioners (one per station)
2200-lb capacity per side
55mm through hole on outboard positioners for utilities passage
Headstock to tailstock length of ~120″
Rotation diameter of ~70″
All axis fully servo driven, not limited to indexed positions
Servo-disconnect technology to comply with latest safety standards. Removes power too outboard (operator side) servo when the light curtains are breached
Remote Jog Option Included

Panasonic G3 Series 64 bit RISC Windows CE Robot Controller
Auto Continous 350AMP Inverter Welder