Nakamura SC300 CNC Lathe, 2002 – Known Issues, Live Tooling, Sub-Spindle, Tailstock


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Needs ball screw and bearings in sub-spindle Z-Axis

Swing over bed: 22.04
Swing over carriage: 17.71
Distance between centers: 28.09
Max. turning diameter: 13.77
Standard turning diameter: 8.07
Max. turning length: 23.62
Max. bar size: 2.79
Chuck size: 10
Turret force (X-axis): 4.9kN
Turret force (Z-axis): 7.8kN
Turret force (Y-axis): 4.9kN

Axis travel (X-axis): 8.75
Axis travel (Z-axis): 25.0
Axis travel (Y-axis): 1.77

Speed range: 35 to 3500
Number of spindle speeds: Stepless
Spindle nose: A1-8
Hole through spindle: 3.34
Front bearing inner diameter: 4.72
Hole through draw tube: 2.83
Spindle Support: 2 points support
Spindle center height: 41.89

Number of turret heads: 1
Turret head type: Dodecagon
No. of toll stations: 12
Tool size: 1
I.D. turning tool mounting bore diameter: 1.57
Index time (1 station): 0.25
Number of turret index position: 12
Turret head outside diameter: 14.37
(distance across flats)
Turret thickness: 3.93
Turret clamping force: 29kN
Turret index motor: Servo motor