Nakamura Tome WT-150IIMMY CNC Multispindle Lathe, 2016 – Bar Feeder Included – LOW HOURS!


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Machine Type: Multi Axis Lathes
Make: Nakamura
Model: Tome WT-150II
Year: 2016
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 867370

Max. Turning Diameter 7.5”
Standard Turning Diameter 6.7”
Distance Between Centers max. 29.6”, min. 7.9”
Max. Turning Length 20.3”
Bar Capacity 2”
Axis Travel
Slide Travel X1 / X2 6.6”
Slide Travel Z1 / Z2 20.3”
Slide Travel Y +/-1.4”
Slide Travel (B-axis) 23.7”
Rapid Feed X1 / X2 630 IPM
Rapid Feed Z1 / Z2 1575 IPM
Rapid Feed (B-axis) 1575 IPM
Rapid Feed Y 236 IPM
Left and Right Spindles
Spindle Speed 5000 RPM
Spindle Speed Range Stepless
Spindle Nose A2-5
Hole Through Spindle 2.5”
Hole Through Draw Tube 2”
Least Input Increment degrees 0.001
Least Command Increment degrees 0.001
Rapid Index Speed 600 RPM
Cutting Feed Rate 1~4800 deg/min
C-axis Clamp Disk Clamp
Upper and Lower Turrets
Type of Turret Head Dodecagonal Drum Turret
Number of Tool Stations 24
Number of Indexed Positions 48
Tool Size Square / Round 1” / 1.3”
Rotating Tool
Rotary System Individual Rotation
Spindle Speed rpm 6000 RPM
Drive Motor
Left Spindle 20 / 15 HP
Right Spindle 15 / 10 HP
Driven Tools 7.5 HP
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 142 x 78 x 73
Machine Weight 19,621 lbs

Equipped With:
NOTE: Cutting Tools inside the holders ARE NOT INCLUDED
NT SmartX Control
2 Turrets
Y-Axis ( upper turret)
Milling ( lower turret)
2 S-20 Collet Chucks
1 Kitagawa B-206 3 Jaw Chuck
High Pressure Coolant
LNS Chip Conveyor
Parts Catcher G
Parts Conveyor
LNS Quick Load Servo S3-T Bar feed
Spindle Liners
(1) KZ1510 CROSS MILL/DRILL ER25, 16912076
(1) KZ1510S CROSS MILL/DRILL, 2:1 SPEEDER, ER20, MA2.5S RT 2:1 16912031
This is a low hour, one shift machine that machined mostly 3/16” Stainless
220 Volt 3 Phase 60 Cycle

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