Nexturn SA32e CNC Swiss Lathe, 2008 – 7 Axis, Bar Feeder, Fanuc Control


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Controllable Axes: 7 (Z1, X1, Y, Z2, X2, C1, C2)
Bar Diameter: 1.25″
Turning Length: 8.26″
Sub Length: 7.87″
Main Spindle Drill/Tap: 0.47″/M10
Sub Spindle. Diameter: 1.25″
Back-End Face Drill/Tap: 0.39″/M8
Cross Drill/Tap: 0.39″/M8
Cross Disc Mill Diameter: 1.57″
Main Spindle Speed: 8000 rpm
Sub Spindle Speed: 8000 rpm
Cross Spindle Speed: 8000 rpm

Number of Tools:
OD: 5
Live: 4
ID Front End Face: 3 Live (by Sub Spindle)
5 fixed on Tool Arm
Back-End Face: 2 Fixed + 2 Live
Tool Shank: 19 x 50 mm (Round) 15.82mm x 125mm (Square)

Spindle Indexing (Main & Sub): C-Axis 0.001 Degree
Sub-Spindle: 32mm max diameter

Main: 7/10 HP
Sub: 2/3 HP
Cross Drill: 0.75/1.5 HP
Rotary Guide Bushing: 0.75/1.5HP

Machine Dimensions: 56” width x 66” tall x 89” long (without Bar feeder)
Machine Weight: 7000 lbs.

Equipped With:
Fanuic 18i-TB Control
Bar Feeder: Patriot 338
High Pressure Pump: MP System HP Cobalt V-2 Series
Fire Suppression System
Coolant Chiller
Mist Collector