Okuma 2SP-150H Twin Spindle CNC Chucker Lathe, 2007 – Gantry Loader, Twin Turret


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Swing: 5.91″
Machining Length: 3.15″
# Axis: 4
Bar Capacity: 1.65″
Max. Turning Diam.: 5.91″
Power: 15 hp
Max RPM: 4,500 RPM
Live Tooling: Yes
# of Turrets: 2
Control: CNC (OSP-P200L)
Dimensions: 1,850mm x 2,150mm x 2593mm (102″)
Weight: 12000

Equipped with:
-(1) Work stocker unit with full set of original 16 mandrels and pallets. Including light bars on side.
-(1) Gantry Loader
Loader teach pendant
-(2) Part rotators
-Hydraulic & pneumatic system
-Chuck miss detection, left and right
-Coolant tank and pumps