Okuma Macturn 250-W Multi Axis Turning Center, 2003 – Loaded with Options, 188 Tool ATC


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Main spindle:
30/20 Hp
3500 RPM
3.15 spindle bore
2.75 thru drawbar
SMW 260mm Quick Change Chuck

Sub Spindle:
15/10 Hp
5000 RPM
2.44 spindle bore
2.04 thru drawbar
SMW 255mm Quick Change Chuck
+/-3.15 Y Axis
Temperature compensated Spindle, Sub-Spindle, M-Spindle and Bed
12,000 RPM M-Spindle
0.001 degree Indexing B axis
1,000 psi Coolant Thru M-Spindle c/w Chip Blaster System
Mist collector
188 CAPTO C6 M-Spindle Tools
500 tool offsets
Lathe Tool Index
12 Station VDI 40 Lower Turret (non-driven)
Helical Interpolation
4 Spare M Codes
Auto Power Shut Off
DNC-T3 – Ethernet File Xfer, Alarming & Production Monitoring
Absolute XA/XB scales
Renishaw Auto Gauging
C/X Contouring
Shower Coolant
Automatic Door
Air Blow: Main Chuck, Sub Chuck and Turret
Rotating Lamp
O/H Gantry Loader w/ 2″-8″ diameter & 33 lbs/part capacity
14 station stocker

Equipped with:
Gantry Loader: 2″-8″ and 15 kg/part (33 lb) capacity
In-Process Probing: measures & verifies machined features
Automatic Tool Life Monitoring:
188 Position Tool Changer: holds many tools so redundant tooling can be held on-board
Software Tool Run Time Measurement: Measures to the second how long the tool has cut
Software Tool Grouping: pooling for automatically changing worn of tools
1,000 psi through tool coolant & multiple air blows to aid chip control
Sub-Spindle: can transfer part from spindle to spindle so the entire part can be machined automatically

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