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Purotecs 3400 Series Ozone Generator- 2 Cells


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Purotecs 3400 Series Ozone Generator- 2 Cells

TYPE: Up to two Corona Discharge Cells
CELLS: Micro gap flat plate ceramic dielectric with oxygen mass flow control

POWER SUPPLY: High Frequency/Fixed Voltage with Pulse Density Modulation 25Khz
TURN DOWN: 5% to 100%

OZONE OUTPUT: Ozone generating module controlled up to 4 pounds/day below 850F
Up to 8% by weight.
OZONE CONNECTION: 3/8 Stainless steel tube dual ferrule compression fitting

COOLING: Forced air
OXYGEN FLOW: Adjustable 5 to 20 l/min (.17 to .53 scfm) for each ozone generating module

AIR PREPARATION: Oil free Orbiting Scroll Compressor
Air Aftercooler and Water Separator
Filters: 10 micron cabinet, 5 micron compressor inlet; .1 micron coalescing
Oxygen concentrator output: 40 l/min(1.4 scfm) at –100oF dewpoint

CONTROL: PLC with color touch screen interface
Communications: Ethernet, Serial 232/485 and internet
4 Analog or Digital inputs 0 – 5 VDC or 4 – 20 ma, 24 VDC source
Digital output status for each ozone generating module
Digital input for each ozone generating module On/Off
CABINET: NEMA 3R Steel powder coated or stainless steel, with filtered air inlet

OPERATING TEMP: 0 to 110oF, non-condensing
POWER: 208V or 460V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz with neutral and ground 25/15 Amps

DIMENSIONS: 74”H x 38”W x 31”D
WEIGHT: 400 Pounds

This machine was purchased and used for about one month until facility’s primary ozone generator came online.