Schutte 305 Linear CNC Grinder, 2008


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X Axis: 400 mm
X Axis with Tailstock: 400 mm
Y Axis: 400 mm
Z Axis: 250 mm

Spindle Motor: 14 HP
Sindle Speed: 12,000 RPM
Control: Siemens 840D / Windows XP

Equipped With:
5 Magazine Grinding Wheel Arbor Changers
3D Heidenhain Probe for Positiongin and Measurin Tools
Adaptive Control
Chain Loader with Gripprer and Magazine Capacity of 175 Parts
Fire Extinguisher Unit
HSK 50E Wheel Arbors
Mircro Coolant System
Pneumatic Clamping Cylincer
Programmable Coolant Distribution Lines
Programming During Automatic Grinding Cycle
Universal Rotary Axis
Vericut 3D Machining Process Simulator

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