Star ECAS-20 CNC Swiss Lathe, 2008 – Live Tooling, Mist Collector, Bar Feeder.


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Control: Siemens 840DI / Windows NT Max Machining Diameter: 20mm (25/32″) Max. Headstock Stroke: 205mm (8″) Tool Post Front Tool Post: Turning/Power Driven Rear Tool Post: Turning/End Working/ Power Driven Tool Number of Tools (Front): 4 Tools Number of Tools (Rear): 2 Tools Tool Shank: 12mm 4-Spindle Sleeve Holder Number of Tools: 4 Tools Max. Drilling Capacity: 10mm (25/64″) Max. Tapping Capacity: M8 X P1.25″ Max. Die Cutting Capacity: M8 X P1.25″ Power Driven Tools: Power Driven/Live Tools (Front slide): 3 Tools Power Driven/live Tools (Rear slide): 3 Tools Max. Drilling Capacity: 8mm (5/16″) Max. Tapping Capacity: M6 X P1.0 Max. Milling Capacity: 10mm (25/64″) Max Slotting Capacity: 1.5mm(W) X 4mm (D) Main Spindle Indexing Degree: 0.01 Degree (C-Axis Control) Main Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM Main Spindle Motor: 2.2kW (cont) / 3.7kW (30 min) Power Driven Tool: 8,000 RPM Power Driven Drive Motor: AC Servo Motor 0.75kW Coolant Tank Capacity: 120 Liters Power Consumption: 8 KVA Backworking Attachment Specifications Max Chuck Diameter: 20mm (25/32″) Max. Length for Front Ejection: 80mm (3-5/32″) Max. Parts Projection Length: 30mm (1-3/16″) 4 Spindle Attachment for Back Working Side: Number of Tools: 4 Tools Max. Drilling Capacity for Stationary Tool: 10mm (25/64″) Max. Drilling Capacity for Power Driven Tool: 8mm (5/16″) Max. Tapping Capacity for Stationary Tool: M8 X P1.25″ Max. Tapping Capacity for Power Driven Tool: M6 X P1.0 Sub Spindle Minimum Indexing Angle: 0.01 Degree (C Axis Control) Sub Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM Sub Spindle Motor: 2.2kW (cont) / 3.7kW (30 min) Dimensions (Approx): 8.5’L x 3.75’D x 6’H Weight (Approx.): 7700 Note: RE-OCCURRING ALARM THAT COMES UP IS “PROPEBUSS ALARM”