Toyoda GL4A-100 Cylindrical Angled Head CNC Grinder, 1996 – Touch Probe, Paper Filtration


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Swing: 12.6″
Distance Between Centers: 39.4″
Max Grinding Diameter: 11.8″
Max Load Between Centers: 330 LBS
Centerline Height from Floor: 42.5″
Wheel Size (od X Id): 20″ X 8″
Max Wheel Width: 3.9″
Wheel Surface Speed: 8,500 SFPM
Min Move Increment: .000010″
Wheelhead Rapid Feed: 394 IPM
Workhead Center Taper: MT #4
Work Speed (variable): 16 TO 500 RPM
Footstock Center: MT #4
Max Center Retraction: .98″
Wheel Drive Motor: 10 HP

Equipped With:
GC32 Toyoda Control
Shoulder Touch Probe (lateral Locator)
Paper Filtration System