Trumpf Trupulse 62-6-3MW Laser Welding System; 2006


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Configuration: Laser Head with Control Unit (Integrated)
Type: Laser System
Technology: Solid State Laser
Operation Mode: Pulsed Laser
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Tunable: No
Fiber Coupled: No
Laser Color: Infrared
Power: 60 to 65 W
Output Power (Pulsed): 60 to 65 W
Pulse Energy
20 to 50 J
Pulse Width
0.2 to 50 ms
Application: Endoscopic Instruments, Electronic Plug, Sensor Module, Opto-Electronic Component, Plug
Repetition Rate: 909 Hz
Application Industry: Test & Measurement / Instrumentation, Components / Materials
Beam Divergence: 8 mrad
Peak Power: 3 to 5 kW
Pulse Energy: 20 to 50 J

Laser Welding Station

Agilent Vacuum Pump

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