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Wysong ½” x 12’ CNC Mechanical Squaring Shear, Model 1250 – Rebuilt to New


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Wysong 1250 CNC Mechanical Squaring Shear- 12’ x ½”, Rebuilt to New

Model: 1250
Rebuild Year: 2019

Mild Steel Capacity: 1/2”
Stainless Capacity: 3/8”

Cutting Length: 144″
Rake Angle of Top Blade – in/ft: 5/16
Horsepower: 20
Strokes per Minute: 50

No. Holddown Feet: 21
No. T-Slots in Bed: 5
No. Hand Slots in Bed: 3
No. Bed Scales: 5

Bed Height: 34 1/4″
Lubrication: Automatic
Back Gauge Range: 36″
Position Accuracy: +/- 0.002”
Reliability: +/- 0.001”

Floor Space without Gauges: 127” x 240”
Overall Height: 68″
Est. Shipping Weight: 42,000 lbs.

2-speed, 48” range programmable CNC back gauge
New Wysong SG1 CNC Gauging System Control

Mechanical powered, under driven, low profile squaring shear- machined and bolted construction.
One-piece, high tensile, ductile castings.
All new oil line & meter unit.
High tensile, ductile cast, box style bed construction with reinforcing ribs.
Fully machined top bed surface.
High tensile ductile cast, T-shaped Ram construction with triangular reinforcing ribs to counter tensional
Low ½-degree ram incline from true vertical path for squarer and burr free edge.
Low fixed rake angle, running from right to left.
Ram is fully contained in oversized non-metallic system throughout stroke length
New, adjustable, compensating, spring powered hold down with self-leveling hold down feet.
New blades- four edge, high carbon, SR with 3-point blade adjustment.
All new transmission gear & bearing.
All new motor controls and electrics: 1800 RPM, 3 phases, 60 Hz, 230/460 motor.

Completely rebuilt & remachined from working 1250 shear. Work performed by Wysong technicians with new parts from Wysong. Rebuilt to new condition.