Zeiss O-Inspect 543 CMM, 2019- Excellent Condition


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Measuring range: (X = 500 mm, Y =400 mm, Z = 300 mm)
O-INSPECT measuring machines unite optical and contact measuring technology in a
single system, thus covering a large range of part inspection and comprehensive
analysis options. Instead of various special devices, O-INSPECT is all you need.
• Linear measuring error, per ISO 10360-2:2009, with VAST XXT:
E0 XY (3D) = (1.9 + L/250) µm, MPE_P = 1.9 µm
• Scanning performance, per ISO 10360-4:2000, with VAST XXT:
MPE_THP = 2.7 µm in 55 sec
• Linear measuring error, per ISO 10360-7:2011, for DISCOVERY.V12 zoom
lens: EB XY (2D) = (1.7 + L/250)µm
• Admissible temperature range for specifications 18-22°C
• Integrated transmitted-light system
• Pre-wired for DotScan Sensor compatibility.
• Standard numerical control panel with movable support
• 25 mm diameter calibration sphere and holder
• Standard power cord (623534-3079-000)
• Acceptance documents, user manuals
Optical Sensor
ZEISS Discovery Optical zoom sensor comprised of:
• CCD camera integrated in measuring machine
• 12x Discovery zoom lens
• 8-sector ring light, with high-power red and blue LEDs
• Dual color, coaxial transmitted-light system for zoom lens
• Calypso image analysis option
• Reference template for Discovery zoom Sensor incl. calibration of template with
Scanning Sensor
ZEISS scanning sensor system comprising:
• Choice of VAST XXT TL1 or TL3 passive scanning probe
• 30mm long, 5 mm diameter reference stylus
• VAST XXT probe rack with 3 storage location