Zoller Venturion 450 Tool Presetter, 2018 – Pilot 4.0


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ZOLLER »venturion 450 / pilot 4.0«
Tool presetter and measuring machine,

Max. tool length z = 620 mm
Max. tool diameter D = 420 mm (16.54″)
Snap gauge d = 100 mm (3,94″)
transmitted light camera HRS0
CNC Control
for fully automatic axes movement in Z
and X direction for user-independent,
fast and safe measuring processes
Centre Height Measuring Device
Incident light camera with LED lights
for measuring and setting the centre
height of turning tools.

HP spindle »ace«
Concentricity 0.002 mm (0.000079″).
Universal, power-operated tool
clamping for steep taper/ANSI/CAT/MAS

-Rotary Spindle Encoder ROD
-Power Supply Voltage 115 V USA
-Editable test report »apus«
-MP 28 Radius Contour »contur«
-Tool ManagementlStandard

Equipped with:
pilot 4.0
Additional Adapter from Zoller for CAT40 holders