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3" Eaton Leonard VB076HT Hydraulic Tube Bender,1998- Servo Driven Bend Arm

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Machine Type:
Fab - Other
Eaton Leonard
Capacity: 76mm (3")
Left Hand Rotation, CCW
Manufactured: 1998
PREMIER control, (air conditioned cabinet)
Voltage: 440/460/480 VAC, 3-phase
Hydraulic system cooling: Water cooled, non-recirculating
MICROMATIC rotary bend head
Automatic mandrel system, 144 inches over mandrel rod
Automatic machine lubricator
Programmable pressure die
Programmable pressure die assist
Operator Safety: Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats

Equipped With:
2" Die

This an HT model machine. High Torque output. This machine has significantly more bend torque than a standard E-L model 300 bender

The pressure die and follower are fitted with heavy-duty linear bearings instead of metal on metal slides.

It uses a rotary actuator instead of a cylinder and chains to run the bend arm. There is no chain to have to adjust tension or worry about it breaking. It is direct drive on the bend arm shaft which makes for better servo control.

All necessary safety mats are included.

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