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4’x8’ Shop Sabre Sidekick 8 CNC Plasma Table,2016 - Hypertherm Powermax 125

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Machine Type:
Plasma - Fab
Shop Sabre
Sidekick 8
Rated to do 1”- 1 1/2” mild steel (with Hypertherm powermax 125) This is the most powerful plasma cutting system in the Powermax line.

Footprint: 84" x 111" x 60"
Cut Area: 52" x 98"
Z Clearance: 8"
Z Travel: 9"
Cutting Capacity: up to 2" (Oxy-Fuel Recommended for over 1")
Rapid Traverse: 1000IPM with Servo and Planetary Gear Drive
Repeatability: +/- .002"

Equipped With:

Welded Steel Frame,
Tube Steel Gantry
Steel Machine Base
EnRoute Fabrication CAD/CAM Plasma Software
Emergency Stop Switch
Limit Switches on X,Y,Z Axis
Enclosed Wire Carriers for Wire Protection
Industrial Precision Rack and Pinion Drive System on X & Y Axis
Industrial 25MM Precision Linear Guide Rails & Bearings
Inner Table Slats & Brackets
Plasma Cutter On/Off & Arc Confirmation Ports for Electronic Control
WINCNC Industrial Controller Hardware & Software
ShopSabre Computer System - Full Size Desktop System with 1TB of Storage, 4GB Memory, 19" Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

Add on options
:Sidekick Water Table
:Hypertherm PowerMax 125
:Advanced Digital Torch Height Control with Auto Touch System (THC)
:SideKick Breakaway Z Torch Mount with Level for Torch Alignment

All tooling, ductwork, curtain, and hood system can be included in the sale.

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