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4000 Watt Bystronic Bystar 4025 - 6.5 Repos. CO2 Laser, 2004- 8' x 21' Table, Bytrans Load/Unload System

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Machine Type:
CO2 Laser - Fab
Bystar 4025
Capacity: 4000 Watt
Table Size: 8' x 21'
Cutting Area: 255" x 98"
Z-Axis Stroke: 6.7"
Maximum Workpiece Weight: 6566 Lbs.
Cooling Water consumption: Closed Cooling Circuit
Cooling Circuits: Dual Circuits

Bytrans Load/Unload System:
Automatically load up to 21’ x 8’ x ¾” thick
Automatically unload full sheet 8’ wide up to .315” thick
Automatically unload 6’ wide sheet up to .393” thick
Automatically unload 5 ‘ wide sheet up to .472” thick
*Raw Material Table capable of handling up to 28,660 lbs max.; 6.3” high
*Cut Sheet Table capable of handling up to 28,660 lbs max; 4” high

Equipped With:

Bytrans Load/Unload System
CNC Rotary Axis ($68,000 option)
BYPOS Adaptive Optics with Autofocus
Torit DFT2-12 Dust Collection System
Automatic Sheet Edge Sensor
CNC Cabinet Combination Superpulse System
Nozzle Alignment Tool
Automatic Nozzle Cleaning Device
Capacitive Height Sensing
2 Shuttle Tables
Cross Jet Nozzle
1 Set of Tools and Accessories for the BYSTAR Laser Cutting Machine
Including Capacitive Height Sensing Cutting Head with 5 in. Focal Length Lens
4 Cutting Heads (1 x 5 & 3 x 7.5)

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