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5' x 10' ArcLight Arc Pro X 12000 CNC Plasma, 2017 -Hypertherm Powermax 85, Water table

This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.


Machine Type:
Plasma - Fab
Arc Pro X 12000
-Overall table dimensions: 87.5″x136.5″x58″
-Slat surface height: 26 1/2″
-Total Travel Distance:
-X axis= 61″
-Y axis= 122″
-Z axis= 7″
-4″ gantry clearance
-Approximate ship weight: 1200 Lbs.
-Mini Computer w/17" LCD monitor & operating system
-3" deep galvanized water pan with drain, for smoke & dust control
-CommandCNC Control Software fully licensed:
- Allows for real time Torch Height Control adjustment
- Ability to Rewind, Fast Forward, and re-cut eliminates wasted material
- Automatic Setting input, minimizes operator error
- Real time speed control
- Graphic cut path display follows the path of the cutter showing it’s progress.
-Sheetcam CAM Software:
- Full Nesting capabilities, Duplicate, Rotate, Flip, Array
- Import multiple Parts and Nest
- Automatic lead in insertion and Full control over placement, size, type and order of
- Automatic Kerf Compensation, Automatic Direction of travel
- Path Rules, automatically slow down + turn the torch
-Height control on/off during sections of a cut
-QCAD 2D Drafting Software: Full 2d CAD with user friendly interface and instructional manual
-Hypertherm PowerMax 85 w/ machine torch set up integrated into CNC.
-Plate Marker Package
-Router Package for ArcPro 12000 5' x 10' Table
-5' Pipe Cutter Package
-4 Stage Air Filtration Unit- Provides clean dry air to the plasma unit by removing water, oil and contaminates from the air supply
-PN200 Hand Pendent

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