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Cloos QR-CS-60-10kN Compact Welding System, 2016 - Multi Axis Positioner, Clean

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Robots - Support
Cloos QR-CS-60-10kN Compact Welding System with QC7 Control QRC350 Robot and WP-DH-TS-10 Horizontal rotary positioner with turning/swiveling movement.
QRC-350 6 Axis Robotic Arm currently set up for MIG Welding Mounted on a RP-C-6 Overhead C Frame Fixed Arm with WP-DH-TS-10 Horizontal Rotary Positioner with turning and swiveling movement. Qineo Pulse 600A Power Source
Swiveling range axis 1: +170 / -170°
Swiveling range axis 2: +125 / -90°
Swiveling range axis 3: +80 / -210°
Swiveling range axis 4: +179 / -179°
Swiveling range axis 5: +135 / -135°
Swiveling range axis 6: +300 / -300°
Swiveling speed axis 1: 184 °/
Swiveling speed axis 2: 184 °/sec
Swiveling speed axis 3: 177 °/sec
Swiveling speed axis 4: 497 °/sec
Swiveling speed axis 5: 542 °/sec
Swiveling speed axis 6: 528 °/sec
Operating range Ø 4470 mm
Operating range Axis 5 +90° Ø 3440 mm Operating range Height: 2580 mm
Pay load: 15.00 kg
Repeatability: Δ ≤ s +/- 0,1 mm
Collision radius: 500 mm
Floor space: Ø 500 mm
Weight: 235 kg

RP-C-6 Fixed C Frame Arm
Load: 6.0kn
Robot Ht.: 2.4m - 3.6m
Reach: 1.2m - 2.2m
Grid Robot Ht.: 0.10m
Grid Reach: 0.10m

WP-DH-TS-10 Horizontal Rotary Positioner
The two-station positioner changes the station by a horizontal rotation. Each station is equipped with a horizontal swiveling axis. An L-shaped extension arm is mounted on this axis. The extension arm contains a turning axis with horizontal faceplate. The positioner can take up light to medium-weight complex workpieces and positions them perfectly for welding.

Load: 10.0kn
Free Turning Radius: 1000mm
Faceplate Ht.: 1.0m
Rotating Speed: 90.0 °/sec
Tilting Speed: 60.0 °/sec
Swiveling Speed: 40.0 °/sec
Turning Range: +/- 360°
Swiveling Range: +/- 180°
Tilting Range: +/- 185°


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