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Okuma LU-15-M CNC Lathe, 2000 - Dual Turret, LNS bar feed, Live Tooling

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Machine Type:
CNC Lathe - CNC
Chuck Size: 8"
Machine Weight 11,000 lbs.
Max Diameter Bar Capacity: 2"
Max Swing Over Bed / Carriage: 20.87" / 14.96"
Max Turning Diameter: 14.17"
Rapid Traverse Rates: (X / Z)591 / 787 IPM
Spindle Bore: 2.44"
Spindle Nose: A2-6
Spindle Speed: 45 - 4500 RPM
Tailstock Taper: MT#4
Tools: (Upper / Lower Turret)12 / 8
Turret Index: (Single Step)0.2 Seconds
X-Axis Travel: (Upper / Lower)10.23" / 5.51"
Z-Axis Travel: (Upper / Lower)25.2" / 24.21"
Machine 127” L x 81”W x 80“Tall
Bar Feeder 81“ L x 56“W X 56 Tall
Chip Cov 134” L x 33”W x 61” Tall
Crate (tooling/manuals) 48”L x 32” W x 14” Tall

Equipped with:
LNS Bar Feed
Live Tooling
4 live tools total (Two radial, Two axial)
4 Draw tube liners. ( Three in box one in bar feeder)
A large amount of MISC ID and OD VDI holders.
Several Sets of Jaws

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