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Wenzel XO 55 CMM, 2012 - Renishaw PH10M, OpenDMIS-5 Software

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Machine Type:
Inspection - Support
OpenDMIS-5 software.
Renishaw PH10M

Measurement Ranges, Weights

X-Axis Measurement Range: 500mm
Y-Axis Measurement Range: 40"/1000mm.
Z-Axis Measurement Range: 500mm
Useable Table Surface: 750mm x 1200mm, 750mm x 1400mm or 750mm x 1700mm,
Machine Weight: 980 kg, 1140 kg or 1260 kg
Permissible Part Weight: 200 kg or 300 kg
General Requirements

Electric: Single-phase AC, 1 P+N+PE, 115/230 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz, max. 1000 VA, ace. to EN 60204/1
Compressed Air: Supply pressure 6-10 bar, pre-filtered, quality according to ISO 8573-1 : Class 4 or better
Air Consumption: Min. 70 NI/min, higher consumption possible, depending on application (pneumatic dampers)
Measuring Accuracy

Measurement System: Photoelectric scale system, Optical division 20 µm
Resolution: 0.1 µm
Probing Uncertainty (TP200 Head): 1.8 µm
Probing Uncertainty (SP25 Head): 1.6 µm
Volumetric Length Measuring Uncertainty (TP200 Head): 1.8 µm + L/350
Volumetric Length Measuring Uncertainty (SP25 Head): 1.6 µm + L/350
Volumetric Scanning Probing Uncertainty (SP25 Head): 2.2 µm
Total Measuring Time for THP: 68 seconds
Operating Environment

Operating Temperature: 15-30ºC
Temperature Range for MPEE: 18-22ºC
Relative Humidity: 40-70%

Joystick Operation: 0-20 mm/s (Creep Mode), 0-100 (Normal)
CNC-Mode Vmax: 300 mm/s (Axial), 520 mm/s (Volumetric)
CNC-Mode Amax: 1200 mm/s2 (Axis-Related), 2000 mm/s2 (Volumetric)
Overall Dimensions

Width: 1135mm
Length: 1390mm, 1590mm or 1920mm
Height: 2505 mm

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by buyer.

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.

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