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how to valueCNC machines can last for well over 15 years in most cases. Chances are the machine you wish to part ways with has some value. How do you know what your CNC Machine is worth? It was worth $100,000 when you first purchased it, but what is it worth after you have tacked on over 40,000 hours of use? Is the machine you want to sell in high demand right now? Or is it so old that it would be better of in a museum?  Below are some factor’s that go into determining a CNC machine’s worth.


 How to determine CNC Machine Values-

  • Hours-This is a straight-forward factor. Higher hours means more wear and tear. This will lower the value on your machine.
  • Condition– Another very straight-forward factor. If your machine still looks and runs like it just came off of the factory line, you are going to be able to sell it for a lot more. On the other hand, if your machine has more than a few dings and some issues with a component, your value will be much lower. If you have a detailed history of the maintenance that has been done on the machine, that will help increase the worth. Buyers want to know that the machine was well taken care of during its use.
  • Type of machine– Some CNC Machines are worth a lot more than others. Horizontal Machining Centers are a great example of this. They can be as productive as 3 Vertical Milling Machines! This puts them at higher price point. The average selling price of a Horizontal Machining Center is around $80,000.
  • Year – The newer the better, especially when it comes to CNC machines. A CNC machines biggest advantage is their computer system that controls every aspect of the machine. Everyone knows that technology gets outdated very fast!
  • Size– This can play a part in the value as a bigger machine will be able to handle more expensive jobs.
  • Market– Is this machine in high demand right now? Keep in mind that if the industry you are in is not doing well given the current circumstances, the machines won’t be as much in demand. Your machine will be valued at a much lower price point.
  • Weight-Usually, a machine that is heavier means it is much sturdier.
  • Tooling/extras-This would include any feeders/cooling systems/tool changer/etc. Anything that is an additional feature that increases productivity on a machine will add value!
  • Speed-How fast does this machine run? Higher RPM’s translate to more work being completed in shorter amount of time. This increases your value.
  • Power-How strong is this machine? What is the size of the motor? The more horsepower, the higher the value.
  • Make– This factor also depends on the type of machine.  However, Haas and Mazak machines tend to sell on the higher side.
  • Configuration-If selling a lathe-How many axes does it have? The more axes the better as it increases the productivity of the machine. This will increase your machine’s worth. Keep in mind that a lot of the factors are dependent on the type of machine. Feel free to contact our team at Revelation Machinery to help get a better idea of how much your machine is worth. We can then help you sell it!