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Buying a used machine will be the best financial decision your company can make. Why? Think about cars and how much they cost initially. As soon as you drive it off of the lot it loses around 10% of its value. Fast forward to the end of the first year of owning the car and you have now lost 20% of its total value. Machines can depreciate in a similar way. The more wear and tear on the machine, the more value it loses. Brand new CNC Machines range anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000 depending on the type of machine you are purchasing. Now, that is a big chunk of your company’s expenses for the year. Your goal should always be to try and make the most economical decision for your business. The used machinery world can seem very intimidating and overwhelming when you begin your search, but we are here to help.  The best thing you can do is find ways to save money on the machinery your shop will need to operate.  Here are some guidelines on what to know before you buy used CNC machines!

Research the type of machine you are wanting to buy-It is important to do your research on the type of machine you are looking to purchase. Gather as much information as you can from videos and articles, so that you know what to look for when you begin your search for one that is used. It will help you determine what components are prone to wear and tear, and how to identify any potential issues.  You will also get a better idea of how much the type of machine you are interested in are currently selling for.

Are the manuals readily available?-  Running into programming issues? Not exactly sure how to troubleshoot? Manuals are always handy to have in case you run into any issues.  Sometimes you can find the machine manuals online as well.

Will you be able to find parts and will they be affordable?-If the machine is so old you cannot get parts, it will be very difficult to complete any repairs or replace any components that may come up in the future.  You also want to make sure you can afford to replace parts if need be.

Is there still support out for this machine? It is going to be really hard to troubleshoot issues without any kind of support. Very old machines may not have support at all. Is there anyone around your area that could help service this machine if anything ever happened?

How many hours?- This is very important to know as it tells you how used the machine really is. If it is low on hours, then you know that you won’t have any issues in the near future.  CNC machines can last a very long time if well maintained.  You should also request any maintenance logs that were kept for the machine.

Does it power up?- If the machine doesn’t power up, you may be looking at a project instead of an addition to your shop. Make sure the seller can power up the machine for you before you commit.

Request videos of the machine running or performing a task- This will let you hear and see how the machine runs. It may help identify any problems before the machine is in your hands. Seeing a video may also be the only way you can preview how the machine runs if it is too far to visit in person.

Once you are set on a machine, you can request to make an appointment to see the machine run in person, if possible. Always make sure you are working with a reputable used machinery dealer that knows what they are doing. That is where Revelation Machinery comes in! We have several experts who can assist you through the process. Let us help guide you in your next used machinery purchase.