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Used Commercial Mixers For Sale

Please view the regularly updated inventory of used Mixers below. Inventory includes a variety of types and sizes. If you don’t find the commercial mixer you are looking for, please contact us!

Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need!  If you have any questions about commercial mixers or need to find a specific type/size, please feel free to contact us!  If you need to sell your used commercial mixer, do so here!

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Used Commercial Mixer FAQs

What is the capacity of the used mixer equipment?

When it comes to capacity, the maximum volume or batch size it can handle, you’ll want to make sure the used mixer’s capacity can meet your production requirements.

What type of commercial mixer is it?

You’ll want to determine the type of mixer you’ll need to suit your processing applications. Each type of mixer has specific applications and unique mixing capabilities. You’ll want to factor in the materials being mixed, the desired mixing intensity, batch size, and specific process requirements. Used commercial mixers include ribbon mixers, paddle mixers, planetary mixers, high shear mixers, vortex mixers, homogenizers, static mixers, drum mixers, tumble mixers, dispersers, fluidized bed mixers and more. You can find these by browsing our used mixer inventory above.

What is the condition of the industrial mixer equipment?

When considering the condition of the used mixer machinery,you’ll want to inspect its physical appearance, structural integrity, and functionality. Check critical components such as mixing elements, controls, seals, bearings, and drive systems to make sure they’re all in good working condition. Look for any signs of wear and tear, damage, or corrosion. Used equipment dealers offer photos and oftentimes, videos, giving you a 360 degree view of the machinery in action.

Also consider the age of the used mixer and its usage history. Older mixers may require more maintenance and have a limited lifespan. Find out the duration of its previous usage and intensity to get a good idea of wear and tear on the mixer.

Has the used commercial mixer been regularly maintained and serviced?

Find out if there is documentation on the maintenance and service history of the mixer. This can help you determine if the equipment has been well-maintained and serviced, showing you the level of care as well as any potential issues with the equipment in the past.

Is the industrial mixer equipment compatible with your product and process requirements?

You’ll want to ensure that the used mixer you’re interested in is compatible with the type of products you’ll need to mix. Factors including viscosity, density, shear sensitivity, and mixing characteristics should be considered to ensure the mixer can effectively handle your specific products and achieve the desired mixing results.

Does the commercial mixer align with your space and installation requirements?

Confirm the used mixer’s dimensions to ensure it can be installed in your facility space and integrated into your processing line.

What is the power requirement for the commercial mixer equipment?

Ensure the mixer is compatible with your power supply by learning its electrical power requirements including voltage, phase and amperage. Most used equipment dealers will have this information included in the product listing of the mixer you’re interested in, but you can always call to confirm.

What is the used industrial mixer’s energy efficiency?

To help reduce both energy consumption and operating costs, check for features like variable speed drives, efficient motors, or optimized mixing mechanisms to evaluate the mixer’s energy efficiency.x

Are there any specific safety features or certifications?

Depending on your industry, you’ll want to make sure the used mixer you’re purchasing complies with safety standards and regulations. Look for safety features like guards, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks.

What should be considered when looking at the cost of a used commercial mixer?

When determining the value of a used mixer, you should factor in its condition, type, manufacturer, model, age, features, and capabilities. Consider a potential return on investment and the possibility of selling your used mixer to an equipment dealer in the future. You can also look into the cost of a new mixer with similar specifications as a benchmark.

Revelation Machinery is ready to help guide you through the process of buying used commercial mixer equipment. Fill out the form on the mixer machine you’re interested in or call our equipment experts today. Interested in selling your machinery? Find out how easy it is to sell your used mixer equipment to Revelation Machinery for cash today!