5″ Bradbury Rafted Step Beam Roll Form Line, 1990


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Machine Type: Rollformers
Make: Bradbury
Model: SR-20
Year: 1990
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #:

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Maximum Round: 5.00″ Dia.
Maximum Square: 5″ x 5″
Maximum Wall Thickness: 0.250″
Maximum Coil Weight: 20,000 lbs.
Line Speed: 30 to 150 FPM
Line Direction: Right to Left
Consisting of the following…

-Bradbury Coil Car:
20,000 lb. Capacity
Side Mast Type
0 – 28″ Vertical Coil Lift
Vertical Lift thru Hydraulic Cylinder
Rotating Base

-Bradbury Uncoiler:
Model: SR-20
20,000 lb. Capacity
36″ Maximum Coil Width
3 Segment Pumpkin Tooth Mandrel
72″ Maximum Coil O.D.
18.50″ – 24.50″ Expansion Range
Hydraulic Wedge Type Expansion
Air Cooled Drag Brake (Single Caliper)
Hydraulic Feedup Drive
Sliding Base
Overarm Holddown Roll

-Bradbury Peeler/Feed Table:
Hydraulic Powered Table Lift & Extension
Pivot Mount Design

-Bradbury 7 Roll Roller Straightener:
Model: RS-46
(7) – 4″ Diameter Work Rolls
24″ Max. Material Width
0.164″ Max. Material Thickness (Up to 70,000 KSI Steel)
6″ Diameter Air Loaded Pinch Rolls
-Bradbury Barrier Feed Table:
Roll in Type
24″ Maximum Material Width

-Bradbury Rafted Rollformer: Series: 400
Model: 425-22-16, Geared Head
16 Forming Stations on an extended Base
4 Roll Mill Tech Weld Box

3.50″ Diameter Spindles
6″ to 14″ Vertical Spindle Adjustment Range
21.50″ Horizontal Center Distance
22″ Roll Space
Speed: 30 – 150 FPM
150 HP DC Drive
Equipped with Reverse, Jog and Dynamic Braking
-Bradbury Rafted Sizing Unit Stand:
(3) Forming Stands mounted on an independent Common Base

(3) Fin Pass Stands
Rafted Turkshead
Driven by 30 HP DC Motor
-Complete Extra Set of Rafted Stands (Mill and Sizing Unit)
-Hydraulic Scarfing System (Outside Only)
-15′ Long Cooling Trough with Spray Nozzles
-Turkshead Straightener

***Less Tooling, Welder and Cut-Off.***

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