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Framecad 325it-L Rollformer, 2021


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Profile Width (Web) Range 63 – 150mm or 2⅟₂” – 6″
Profile Height (Flange) Range 34 – 50mm or 1⅟₃” – 2″ (Boxable Section reccommended)

Material Thickness 0.55 – 1.2mm or 24 – 18 gauge
Roll Forming Stations 13 Auto Gauging stations & 3 further forming stations

Punching Stations 15 Frame and Truss Punching Stations (with the option of 5 more punching stations)

Standard Punch Tooling* Service Hole, Web Bolt Hole, Dimple, Web Notch, Chamfer, Lip Cut, Flange Holes (left & right), Swage, Shear. (options to add Flange cut left and right plus additional web and flange punch tools)*
Max Line Speed 2,880m/hr (9,950ft/hr)

Typical Production Speed (actual dependent on framing design) Joists: 300 m/hr (985 ft/hr) Walls: 700 m/hr (2,300 ft/hr)

Main Drive Power 7.5kW (10hp)
Hydraulic Power 5.5kW (7.4hp)
Length 4,000mm (13.12′)
Width 800mm (2.65′)
Height – to top of covers 1200mm (3.95′)
Weight (approx.) 1,970kg (4,343lb)
Printer 2 Printer Heads
Decoiler Capacity 3,000kg (6,600lb) powered Decoiler

FrameCad Factory 2 V2.9 Software

70.77 hours on it
95,672 Linear Feet of material has gone through it