5×10 Multicam MP204 Plasma – Hypertherm HD 4070 Power Supply


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Machine Type: Plasmas
Model: MP204
Make: Multicam
Year: N/A
Capacity: 5‘ x 10‘

Maximum OCV (U0): 311 VDC
Maximum Output Current (I2): 200 amps
Output Voltage (U2): 85 – 200 VDC
Duty Cycle Rating (X): 100% @ 40 kw, 104°F
Ambient Temperature/Duty Cycle: Power supplies will operate between +14° and 104°F
Power Factor(cosφ): 0.98 @ 200A DC output
Cooling: Forced Air
Max Thickness: 1″

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.