6,000 Watt HSG TP80S Pro Pipe/Tube Raycus Laser, 2023 – BRAND NEW, Last One In Stock, Bundle Loader, Follow-Up Unloading Device, Dust Collector, Spare Clamping Jaws/Optics, Voltage Stabilizer/Transformer, Safety Package


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Machine Type: Tube Lasers
Make: HSG
Model: TP80S Pro
Year: 2023
Capacity: 6000 Watt
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 493846

Power: 6,000 Watt
Rotating Speed of Chucks: 120 r/min
No-load speed: 140 m/min
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy: +/- 0.00118″
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy: +/- 0.00118″
Acceleration: 1.2 G
Tailing Length: 8.66″

Cutting Capacity
Round Tube: 0.78″-10.74″
Square Tube: 0.78”-7.87″
Rectangular Diagonal: 10.74″
Weight of Single Tube: 440 LBS
Max Length of Tube: 314.96″
Overall Dimensions: 41.01′ x 15.41′ x 8.5′

Equipped With:
Bundle Loader
Follow-Up Unloading Device
Voltage Transformer/Stabilizer
Dust Collector
Safety Package
Spare Clamping Jaws/Optics

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