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8′ x 4′ CAMFive Laser Metal Cutter MIX84 Combo 1500W Fiber Source Raycus & W6 C02 Laser Tube, 2022


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1500W Fiber Source
W6 C02 Laser Tube
Laser Type – Hybrid Fiber Source + CO2 Laser System
Laser Source & Laser Tube – Raycus or RECI 500W, 1000W, or 1500W | RECI 150W.
Working Area – 8′ x 4′ ft (2.5 x 1.3 mts)
Work Table Type -Metal Cutting Worktable – Strong Frame Design
Machine Weight-5070 pounds (2300 kg) |
Frame Design – Open Bed
Machine Dimensions – Length: 120″, Height: 79″, Width: 60″
Driving System- Delta Servo motors (German Brand) and drivers / YYC gear rack and PMI linear rail transmission
Lubrication System-Automatic (Included).
Control Software – AU3TECH Last Versión
Supported Formats -DXF, PLT, AI LXD
Cooling system- CWL-1000 Chiller Included
Control Panel and Port LCD Digital – USB
Working Voltage – 220V or 380V / 60 GHz.
Power Consumption – 6 kV
Operation Temperature 35 °F- 77°F.
Operating humidity -5 – 95% Non condensing.