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Addco PTS-2000 Master Portable Traffic Lights, 2014


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Deployed Height: 17′ to Upper Signal Head
Deployed Height: 9′ 7″ to Lower Signal Head
Transport Height: 8′ 5″
Width: 7′
Length with Tongue Extended: 16 ‘6″
Length with Tongue Stowed: 12′ 5″
Length in Tandem Tow Configuration: 28’ 8″
Gross Weight: 3,880 Lbs

GVWR Weight: 3,940 lbs
GAWR Weight: 3,780 lbs
Tires:cST225/75R15 D
Rims: 15 x 6J
Cold Inflation Pressure: 65 psi
Power Source: Solar
Transport: Hitch