Evoqua Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, & Water Softener, 2018- **Still in Crate**


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Machine Type: Filters
Make: Evoqua
Model: M284R040SX
Year: 2018
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 312416

-Feed Water Bag Filters
-Advanced Carbon Filter (skid-mounted)
-Anti Scalant Injection Components for 2-Pass RO System
-2-Pass RO Unit (skid-mounted)
-Concentration Collection Tank and Accessories
-Concentrate Transfer Pump
-Anti Scalant Injection Components for Brine Recovery RO System
-Brine Recovery Reverse Osmosis System- Sized for Future Expansion (skid-mounted)
-Rental Makeup Mixed-Bed DI Units
-Makeup Cartridge Filter
-DI Water Storage Tank and Accessories
-Ozone Generation System (skid-mounted)
-Distribution Pumps (skid-mounted)
-Ozone Destruct UV Sterilizer (skid-mounted)
-Rental Polishing Mixed-Bed DI Units
-Final Filters (skid-mounted)

The RO/DI System is designed for 60 GPM makeup flow into the DI water storage tank and 190 GPM Distribution flow rate. Additional components, as noted, are required for the makeup upgrade to 120 GPM

-City Water Bag Filter
-Softener System

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