Velo Acciai FV10VA Final Filter, 2013


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Machine Type: Filters
Make: Velo Acciai
Model: FV10VA
Year: 2013
Machine Location: Michigan
Stock #: 733536

Velo Acciai FV10VA Final Filter, 2013

The kieselguhr vertical filters (FVV) are designed for the clarification and filtering of liquid food substances by means of filter aids as fossil flour. They consist of solid, stand-alone, wheeled blocks, made entirely of stainless steel. They mainly consist of
a filtering chamber, provided with filter aids and meshes, where the main filtering takes
place, a dosing unit, a feeding pump and a dosing pump.

The main characteristics of these machines are:
– The possibility to form a pre-cake and a filtering cake rapidly and uniformly
– The constant visual control of dosing and filtering capacity by means of a liter-counter and a manometer installed on the machine.
– Economic filtering due to a regular and uniform dosing of filter aids.
– The possibility to take out meshes easily for their periodical check and washing.

These types of machines are normally provided with:
– A wheeled frame, a filtering chamber, a dosing unit and a pre-filter, a piping system
and throttle valves.
– A dosing pump with membrane, variable flow-rate and a mixer.
– Vibrator, manometer, flow-rate indicator, sampling collector, feeding pump (AISI
304) and inlet/outlet backlighted inspection holes.
– A waterproof plastic electric board, in compliance with IEC norms (stainless steel
used for mod. FVV 20).
– Filtering units (AISI 304) provided with meshes (AISI 316, 130 or 80 micron).
– A trailer (AISI 304) with plastic basin (mod. FVV 5).
– Two inlet valves and one outlet valve.
– Female threaded couplings, DIN 11851 type (in case of diff erent couplings, specify
type and dimension).
– A washing hose valve.

– 240V, 3 ph, 60 Hz
– Max flow rate: 20 M3/H
– Max power: 8.2 KW

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.